St. Louis Cardinal ​"Louie"

All what you want to know about this Buck.
St. Louis Cardinal ​"Louie"

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Bucks Name:

St. Louis Cardinal ​"Louie"

Date of Birth:

February 11, 2020


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About this buck:

Louis is our sweet little fluff ball who we could not sell because of his quality.  He was not supposed to stay here but because he might be the nicest quality bunny CBB has produced yet, we couldn't let him go! Not yet anyway!

We call this beauty "Louie".  He was born in St. Louis ( on 2.11.20) and I am a huge Cardinal fan so what better name!!!

He will start his breeding program sometime in the summer/fall of 2020.


When COVID 19 first came to be, we decided it might be best to close down our rabbitry.  We sold off about 75% of our breeding stock.  Louis' parents (pictured below) were part of that group unfortunately.  We regret letting a lot of our buns go but they all went to great people/friends!

Louie is 4 months old in video

Notice how dark his points are in the video? The photo at the top of this page with his hair clipped down, was taken just a few weeks after this video.  Look at how quickly the points lighten in the really warm months. It has been in the 90s the last few weeks. Points are heat sensitive and lighten in the warmer months. The dark shade will return once the temps drop. Our buns are currently not kept in temperature controlled rooms.  We are working on that!  For now they have large fans on them to keep them cool.

St. Louis Cardinal ​"Louie"

Winter (above) is Louis' dad.  He is an extremely dark pointed white buck who is stunning to say the least! He now lives down in Louisiana.

St. Louis Cardinal Louie

Halo (above) is Louie's mom.  She is a blue pointed white doe who now lives up in Connecticut.  One of the sweetest girls we have had.

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