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Date of Birth:

June 28, 2020



About this buck:

SSCLFR Omaha came to us from past customer who purchased his parents. We were really excited to get Omaha because we no longer had his beautiful line any longer. He has such an amazing personality and we just love him to pieces! His babies have been beautiful, high quality and perfect as we expected!

Omaha is a chocolate chin. We sold his mom Luna (lilac pearl) and dad Ray (REW) as juniors. We owned their parents, Europe (self lilac), Twinkle (choc chin), Blizzard (ermine), and Cookie (broken black). We no longer own any of these rabbits because when COVID began, we sold out almost and just about closed the rabbitry doors. When we found that we could still be able to purchase rabbit feed, the world was not ending, rabbits were still important to people and the rabbitry could afford to stay open, we were very sad to have already sold some of our favorite bunnies. It is a blessing to have sweet Omaha from our friend LaSonya and are excited to see him work more in the future.


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