Meet Wrigley and Cubby!

Everything you want to know about the puppies!

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April 26, 2021

Meet Wrigley and Cubby!

Wrigley is our 8 pound, chocolate merle toy schnauzer. . She’s Ahnika's dog and little shadow.
Cubby is my husbands 12 pound, wheaten parti,  schnauzer.

Cubby has gotten quite a bit heavier than we anticipated, coming from 5 and 9 pound parents. I imagine because he is big boned and goodness does he like to eat! After Cubby sired a litter of puppies earlier this year, we thought it would be awesome to let him breed Wrigley and have a litter of babies. So this ended up a planned mating and we were all excited as we anticipated Wrigley being ready to whelp.

On July 23, 2021, Wrigley went into active labor. She was trying to push out her first puppy and seemed to not be ready. After an hour of waiting, we decided it was time to take her to the vet to just get her looked at and an x-ray done in case there was an obstruction or a puppy too large for her to whelp. The vet assured us that she was not in active labor, there were three puppies and none too big for her and no obstructions. So off we went back home with Wrigley and the vets personal cell number "just in case". It was a Friday so we needed to be prepared for the worst since the weekend was here. Several hours after we got home, Wrigley finally pushed her first puppy out and then her second an hour later. There was a third pup but he did not make it unfortunately. Wrigley did awesome. She’s a fabulous mom!  We docked tails and removed dew claws when the pups were 5 days old.

Puppies have now turned 6 weeks old and they got their first hair cut and photo shoot. They are so stinking gorgeous! Each puppy has one green eye and one bright blue eye. You really can't tell them apart much. They are the same size and color/marking so you really have to look at their markings to see which pup is which pup.

Puppies are starting to wean finally and I believe Wrigley is very happy about that! They have been raised on a raw diet and love it! I may over feed them but they are healthy pups and are doing everything they should be doing for their age. They play a lot together and they love it when the grandkids and kids get them out of their playpen to be loved on.

I have compiled a list of some basic puppy items for the future families to have ready upon puppies arrival in his new home. This is completely up to everyone how they want to raise their little schnauzer boy so these are just ideas and the things they are used to here.

Puppy supply list:
Collar or harness, leash, food and water dish, puppy food, small training treats, bed, crate, playpen, toys, piddle pads if using.

Set  a vet appointment for continuing puppy shots. They will receive their first worming and booster shot on at 8 weeks according to our vet.

Find a groomer but don’t schedule first appointment until puppy shots are completed (16 weeks normally). I will freshen up their groom before going home (I am a retired groomer).

Links to useful things that your puppy is using here:

Large kennel

Pet taxi

Puppy food
We use BJ's Raw:

Another raw food we have used when we ran out and our shipment didn't get to us in time (sold in PetSmart/Petco stores)

We have this feed on hand for emergencies:

Washable Puppy piddle pads (bed pads)

Walmart and pet supply stores have these but I buy all professional products from this company: Shampoo and conditioner, Slicker Brush, and poodle or greyhound style metal prong comb

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Video of pups at 4 weeks

Video of pups at 6 weeks

Scroll down to see the updates for all the new owners. ALL PUPPIES HAVE BEEN RESERVED

Meet Mom -Frenchie!

Meet Dad - Cubby!

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Meet the Puppies

Puppy 1: Reserved for Wilson

Puppy 2: Now named Cali, Reserved for Rhonda

Puppy 3: Reserved for Nichole

Puppy 4: Now named Baily, Reserved for Mary

Meet Our Bunny Bumpkins Team

Hi! I'm the heart behind every bunny you see on this website. I fell in love with these fluffy babies and had to have them. I socialize them and spend time with them every chance I get. Occasionally I feed and clean but I'm usually caught slacking on that part of the job and excelling at snuggling them 100% of the time.

aHnika - Chief Bunny SNUGgler

I am the chief groomer, cleaner and feeder. I TRY to leave the snuggling to the kids although these sweet fur balls have become a quick obsession of mine. I find myself giving bunny kisses often. I take the blame for the excessive number of bunnies we own lol.

mom –Chief groomer

I'm the errand boy. Anything they need, I go get it. I pick up about 600 lbs of feed and a couple bales of hay every two weeks!  I'm also caught trying to train the baby bunnies to come to me right out of the nest box as soon as their eyes open (every litter). I can't resist these cute little bunnies.

dad – errand boy

I am the brains behind the genetics and planned litters. I take most of the pictures and videos and handle all the finances of the biz. My kids are infatuated with every single bunny and enjoy getting to hold the bunnies when allowed. Sometimes they even get to help water the bunnies.

Kelsi & kids – Biz & Fun

at country bumpkin bunnies we adore our bunnies

'Rabbits have a subtle repertoire of body language to communicate so they don't draw attention to themselves. They use these signals to bond with their hutch mates, and the humans in their lives to say 'I love you'.
- Rosie Bescoby, animal behaviourist

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