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To Help You With Confidence Here Are The Basics That You Need To Know About English Angora Rabbits.

If you are looking for a cute and fluffy breed of bunnies to love and welcome as your new family member, the English Angora Rabbit might be the right choice, but remember they come with great responsibility. At Country Bumpkin Bunnies, we raise beautiful and pedigreed English Angora rabbits that make great pets for responsible owners and are such a pleasure to spend time with. Explore our range of colorful English Angora rabbits to make your pick.

The English Angora Rabbit—History and Breed Origin

Istanbul the capital of Turkey

To begin with, Angora Rabbits come in four different breeds recognized by the ARBA. These are English, Satin, Giant, and French. However, what makes the English Angora rabbit different from other breeds is their appearance and size.  English Angora rabbits look like a round ball of fluff covering their face and ears. Besides this, English Angora rabbits are the smallest of the angora breeds.

The English Angora rabbit has its origins in Ankara, Turkey, which is southeast of Istanbul the capital of Turkey. Ankara was previously known as Angora, hence the name—the English Angora rabbit. This is a domestic rabbit that is mostly bred for its soft and long wool, but they also make amazing companions that you can snuggle with at home and often make amazing therapy pets.

Once you take home an English Angora Rabbit from Country Bumpkin Bunnies, you’ll be amazed at the joy they bring to your life.

Characteristics of the English Angora Rabbit

As mentioned earlier, these bunnies are known for their wooly appearance. They are often called the puppy dog bunny and known for their sweet temperaments. They are usually born in litters of an average size of six. Our smallest litter was 1 and our largest was 13!


Weighing nearly six  to seven and a half pounds, the English Angora rabbit that we sell at Country Bumpkin Bunnies has a small-sized, round, and compact body with a flat but broad head, shoulders, and small ears that tassel over with beautiful furnishings. We work to make our bunnies meet the ARBA standard of perfection (SOP).

They have fur on their faces, ears and also have woolly feet. The English Angora rabbit breed has dense, yet silky fibers mixed with guard hairs and grows at an average of one inch a month.


If you want your bunny in a specific color, you will love the English Angora rabbit even more. That’s because they come in so many different colors and patterns! The color of the English Angora rabbit depends on the color group and variety, such as agouti group or  self-group. In simple terms, you can get these bunnies in solid colors like blackbluechocolate, lilac, and white, as well as cream, fawn, and red. They also come in different patterns like broken, tort, harlequin, otter, and more! Add chinchilla, pearl, pointed, and steel ticking to the color mix and the options can be endless. 

Please note that at Country Bumpkin Bunnies, we have English Angora rabbits in most colors, but they are not available all the time. We have color programs that allow us to separate specific colors from breeding to certain colors. So, if you can’t find the color of rabbit you want, let us know, and we’ll arrange and put you on our waiting list for you at no additional cost.

We will soon be adding a great English Angora Rabbit Colors and Genetics page to the website!


The coat of the English Angora bunny is silky, woolly, and softer than cashmere. Besides this, their coats grow fast and thick, meaning when you keep them as a companion rabbit, you need to groom them regularly.

These bunnies should be taken to the groomers a few times a year to get their coats groomed and clipped so that they look neat and tidy. If you own an English Angora rabbit for the fiber, you will want to harvest their wool every three to four months.


They have a good temperament, which is yet another significant factor that makes them great pets. In general, the English Angora rabbit is good-tempered, intelligent, and loves to be around people. Just like other domestic pets like cats and dogs, the English Angora rabbit can be tamed.

They flourish when they play and interact with others. However, they can get aggrieved when frightened. So, pet owners must give them a ton of love so that these rabbits realize that they are not threatened.


The English Angora rabbit can live as long as seven to twelve years if they are looked after and cared for properly.

Read on to find out how to take care of them so that you continue to make beautiful memories with your new pets for years to come!

Meet Our Bunny Bumpkins Team

Hi! I'm the heart behind every bunny you see on this website. I fell in love with these fluffy babies and had to have them. I socialize them and spend time with them every chance I get. Occasionally I feed and clean but I'm usually caught slacking on that part of the job and excelling at snuggling them 100% of the time.

aHnika - Chief Bunny SNUGgler

I am the chief groomer, cleaner and feeder. I TRY to leave the snuggling to the kids although these sweet fur balls have become a quick obsession of mine. I find myself giving bunny kisses often. I take the blame for the excessive number of bunnies we own lol.

mom –Chief groomer

I'm the errand boy. Anything they need, I go get it. I pick up about 600 lbs of feed and a couple bales of hay every two weeks!  I'm also caught trying to train the baby bunnies to come to me right out of the nest box as soon as their eyes open (every litter). I can't resist these cute little bunnies.

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I am the brains behind the genetics and planned litters. I take most of the pictures and videos and handle all the finances of the biz. My kids are infatuated with every single bunny and enjoy getting to hold the bunnies when allowed. Sometimes they even get to help water the bunnies.

Kelsi & kids – Biz & Fun

Daily Life—How to Take Best Care of the English Angora Rabbit at Home?

When you get an English Angora Rabbit from us, we recommend you to focus on three things:

  • Food and diet
  • Exercise
  • Grooming

Food and Diet

You can treat your little ball of fur to various treats like black oil sunflower seeds (BOSS), old fashioned oats, papaya pills, and calf manna. Nutritious foods, such as rabbit friendly fresh fruits, and vegetables can be introduced typically no earlier than six months of age, one at a time.

Moreover, the amount of food you give to your pet daily should be based on its age, activity level, and size. Also, make sure to include timothy hay in your pet English Angora rabbit’s diet to keep its digestive system functioning well. Besides this, hay will also make it less prone to dental problems.

Other types of grass hay are suitable.  However, avoid alfalfa hay completely on all rabbits over the age of six months old.


As animals like rabbits run as much as three miles daily when they are in the wild, make sure to give your rabbit enough exercise daily. Keep them active and entertained with at least three to four hours of free range time in or out of their hutch.

Additionally, exercise is essential for the English Angora rabbit’s well-being as it keeps their joints moving and helps with weight management.


The English Angora rabbit is a high maintenance pet. You will need to invest time in their grooming to make sure your pet is clean and tidy. It is advisable to blow their coat out at least two or three times a week using a high velocity pet dryer, shop vac on reverse, or hair dryer with no heat and NEVER bathe them with water. Dry grooming only.

A greyhound or poodle style metal prong comb and wire slicker brush are extremely helpful in the grooming process as well. All grooming supplies are listed in on our Grooming page.

Also, take your pet to the groomers at least three to four times annually and get their coat trimmed and clipped if you are unable to clip or cut the hair yourself. If you prefer a short hair cut style on your English Angora bunny, it’s advisable to clip the wool every two months.

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'Rabbits have a subtle repertoire of body language to communicate so they don't draw attention to themselves. They use these signals to bond with their hutch mates, and the humans in their lives to say 'I love you'.
- Rosie Bescoby, animal behaviourist

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