Snazzy Buns Penelope

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Snazzy Buns Penelope

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Does Name:

Snazzy Buns Penelope

Date of Birth:

June 26, 2019


About this doe:

Penelope is a gorgeous tort!  She came to us with her entire herd from Snazzy Buns.  Some were originals from CBB.  We were told this girl was a blue tort but after comparing her color to some blue and lilac, she appears to be a lilac tort.  We knew for sure after some test breeding. She is the sweetest girl!  She is a young senior doe and we have a few litters from her and now ready to let her move on or retire.

Her mom was our Lorelei (lynx) and dad, Brooks (lilac pointed white).  Her mother passed away unexpectedly last year and her dad just moved onto another rabbitry recently. We just love this line!  The line originated with Nadia (japanese harlequin) x  Teddy (lilac chinchilla)  and Halo (blue pointed white) x Boomer (lilac pointed white).  We ownded all of them a few years back.

UPDATE: Penelope is almost ready to move on and join another rabbitry or fiber home. She is now up for sale with her pedigree $225 and can leave very soon.

Penelope just got a shave down here and probably the last for this year.  Temps are starting to drop so they will all grow out some over the winter months.  

Penelope was bred to Mr. Potato Head and had their first litter each on 11/22/20.  We will post photos below as they grow.


Snazzy Buns Penelope

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