RW's Squirrel

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RW's Squirrel

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Does Name:

RW's Squirrel

Date of Birth:

May 24, 2019


About this doe:

We acquired this beautiful and sweet little girl from Running Wild's rabbitry in NE.  Meet "Squirrel", a proven Sr. blue chinchilla EA doe.  She is a pretty little thing!  She came to us bred by another squirrel (blue chin color) and had a really rough time trying settle in.  We were really surprised she had a litter in the end. She had two kits.  A blue chin/squirrel just like herself and an ermine.  We kept both of the kits.  They both ended up being does. We had not planned on doing this but we were really worried about Squirrel calming down as she didn't eat very well during her pregnancy and settling in.

We pulled the kits off her and gave them to a different mom to raise so Squirrel could be alone and find her place here.  She did great!  She put on her weight and eats like a little piggy now.  We even tried to rebreed her and didn't think anything became of it because the buck was young and inexperienced.  He totally didn't act like he know what he was doing.  Well....31 days later he proved us wrong!  Squirrel had a beautiful litter of all chin varieties! Squirrel will remain here for a little while, she is a great mom and has had some gorgeous babies!  We have kept three of them! Read the story of Kremmling's Miracle below to see why we kept this particular bunny.  

Kremmling's Miracle

This little doe was injured at just a couple of days old.  Even though her moms hair was trimmed down short, she still seemed to get it all wrapped up around her leg and felted it.  It happened late one night so we didn't find it until early the next morning.  By that time, all the circulation had been cut off for many hours.  The strangle was at her ankle so her foot was very swollen and 2-3 times the normal size.  It was REALLY hard to get the hair cut off her tiny little foot. It took surgical blade on the clippers because we could not get scissors under the string of fibers.  After this was done, all we could do was hope the circulation would return.  After many hours passed, we noticed her leg was really odd looking.  We though her wriggling around may have ended up breaking her leg at her hip by the way it looked.  Since Squirrel was seeming to not be doing well herself from the transition of the move here, we thought we would nature take its course and see how she was the next morning.  Honestly, we didn't think she would make it through the night.  We took the other kit out and put her with a different mom and left just this one tiny, injured kit with mom. To our surprise, the next morning, the swelling had gone down in her leg and she was starting to use it.  Her belly was nice and round, full of milk.  Her foot eventually started turning black and after a week, we knew that it was dead.  Her other foot was healthy and growing and the injured foot turned completely hard and black and didn't ever grow.  Since she was eating and doing well, we put her with her sister and the other litter and she grew just fine and gets around great.  She can even jump onto the shelf in her cage which she loves.  She has bonded with her sister, Abby Road and now will remain with Abby for life.  We almost culled this bunny but she decided to show us she is a fighter!  We named her Krimmling Miracle because we love Krimmling CO and hope to move there to the mountains one day and Miracle because it was a miracle she survived the injury but that we didn't put her down.  We only held off one day to see if her leg was broken and thankfully it wasn't.  She is a gorgeous ermine doe and we all love her!

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RW's Squirrel

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