Missouri "MoMo"

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Missouri "MoMo"

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Does Name:

Missouri "MoMo"

Date of Birth:

October 4, 2020


About this doe:

Missouri is one of our keeper bunnies from London's last litter here.  We were so excited to find out Missouri is a lilac otter.  She is the first lilac otter we have ever seen or heard of at the time of her birth.  We have nicknamed her "MoMo".  Her and her full sister Holiday are here to stay and they are so super sweet!  It will be several months before they are bred but they are such wonderful quality bunnies and we just  know they will turn out as great as their mom!

MoMo is part of our Tan program.  It consists of Otter and Fox.  We look forward to producing more beautiful otter babies here in the near future!

Pictures below are of MoMo and her litter up to current pics of her as a junior.

Missouri "MoMo"

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