Celeste's WY Pinkalicious

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Celeste's WY Pinkalicious

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Does Name:

Celeste's WY Pinkalicious

Date of Birth:

June 26, 2021


About this doe:

Introducing Celeste's Wyoming Pinkalicious. Celeste was born in WY so we chose this place name for this bunny and one of her favorite books are the Pinkalicious books. We used to have a bunny named Pinkalicious from another rabbitry and Celeste claimed her for her own. When we sold her, we never heard the end of it! So this beautiful pink eyed, ice white beauty is now our very own, home grown, Pinkalicious!

Pink's mom and dad were also born here. Berlin, a black vm and Brooks, a lilac PW. We owned both sets of grandparents as well. Rio a perfect black self show girl and Yogurt, a BEW who produced some amazing show quality show BEWs. Brooks parents were Halo a blue PW and Boomer, a lilac PW (VC).

We do not know at this time if Pinkalicious is a vienna carrier. We will have to test breed down the road to figure this out. She was too irresistible to not keep! We retired all of this line from CBB so she is all we have left to carry on this gorgeous show line (even though there is a possibility of vienna).

Country Bumpkin Bunnies Hawaiian Coconut was one of our bunnies born and raised here. He was a product of our sweet Pandora (fawn vc) and the late Ty (blue otter vc). We raised up this wonderful bunny, bred him to several does and kept back this gorgeous girl Berlin. Coconut has since moved onto another rabbitry. He has produced many gorgeous babies!

Celeste's WY Pinkalicious

Pink's mom is Berlin. Berlin was born here at CBB out of an amazing black self mom Rio. Rio has moved onto another rabbitry now but she was a gorgeous show girl. We needed something to breed into our vienna program to help with wool and type and this girl did her job! Berlin was excellent for our vienna program but now has moved onto another rabbitry and we kept back this beautiful and stunning REW in her place.

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