English Angora Rabbits Come In A Variety Of Colors

At Country Bumpkin Bunnies, we have most colors of English Angoras rabbits for sale.. They are available in different colors like  black, blue, chocolate, lilac, fawn, and white with variants of each color and more. The color choices are simply endless. However, if the color of rabbit you are wanting is unavailable, we can make arrangements for a future litter.

Our Bunnies For Sale

These rabbits are the fluffiest bunnies in the world. So, if you like to cuddle with your pet and hug them, then you will thoroughly enjoy holding and snuggling with the English Angora rabbit. Its fur can grow as long as six and a half inches in a short period of time. That’s super fluffy.

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Ladue x Chicago 6/2/21
Ladue x Chicago 6/2/21
7 Kits
Penelope & Louie 4/27/21
Penelope & Louie 4/27/21
7 Kits
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"Although historically seen as a child’s pet, rabbits aren’t really suitable for small children. They don’t enjoy being picked up, and have very fragile backs that can break easily if they’re dropped. For this reason, they’re better suited to families with older children who can spend time with them, creating a large, natural environment for their rabbits to enjoy which will allow them to express normal behaviors such as digging, binkying, and running." - PDSA the biggest UK-wide network of 48 pet hospitals.

Meet Our Bunny Bumpkins Team

Hi! I'm the heart behind every bunny you see on this website. I fell in love with these fluffy babies and had to have them. I socialize them and spend time with them every chance I get. Occasionally I feed and clean but I'm usually caught slacking on that part of the job and excelling at snuggling them 100% of the time.

aHnika - Chief Bunny SNUGgler

I am the chief groomer, cleaner and feeder. I TRY to leave the snuggling to the kids although these sweet fur balls have become a quick obsession of mine. I find myself giving bunny kisses often. I take the blame for the excessive number of bunnies we own lol.

mom –Chief groomer

I'm the errand boy. Anything they need, I go get it. I pick up about 600 lbs of feed and a couple bales of hay every two weeks!  I'm also caught trying to train the baby bunnies to come to me right out of the nest box as soon as their eyes open (every litter). I can't resist these cute little bunnies.

dad – errand boy

I am the brains behind the genetics and planned litters. I take most of the pictures and videos and handle all the finances of the biz. My kids are infatuated with every single bunny and enjoy getting to hold the bunnies when allowed. Sometimes they even get to help water the bunnies.

Kelsi & kids – Biz & Fun

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Pedigres | Birth Cert.

All bunnies come with a Free Global Generic pedigree. We also have a custom bunny birth certificate available for a small fee...

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Prepare for New Bunny

So your buying a new bunny and are waiting on its arrival.  Here is our top 10 list of what you need to prepare for your new bunny.

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We are devoted to help you find answers to our most frequently asked questions about English Angora Rabbits, quickly and efficiently.

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Our Bunny Policies

Everything you want to know about buying our bunnies! Please take the time to read it if you are considering to buying English Angora bunnies.

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