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November 2020


Seven litters all just turned a week old!

Country Bumpkin Bunnies, English Angora new litters of baby bunnies! We have so many different colors of these fluffy bunnies coming ready in January 2021. Here is a sneak peak at what they look like...

Dejah's single kit is a self black


We have updated pics of some new breeding stock here!

Chicago and his sister Jersey Girl are stunning broken black EA.  These are photos we took after a good blow out.  They are very pretty and we are so happy to have added them to our broken program.

Jersey Girl


Geneva's simply gorgeous!

Geneva Switzerland turned 6 months old and we decided to harvest her lovely fiber again.  She produces stunning fiber and we were able to collect 4 ounces of it!

Geneva 6 mos


39 new kits!

So our girls have been very busy! We had several does not take in the last few months so we bred heavy last month. you can see, they all took this time.  We had seven litters born the last few days and we have lots of colors! These guys are posted on the Nursery page and will be updated weekly.  No deposits until they are old enough to sex.  So far we think  that we have these colors. It could change as they get older and we can tell better...
black, blue, chocolate and lilac harlequin
self black, blue, chocolate and lilac
self black and chocolate harlequin
blue and lilac magpie
lilac tort
chocolate agouti
broken chocolate agouti

Dejah x Cocoa


Harley Quinn and Safari's litter is turning 5 weeks old

As with Berlin's litter, these guys were smaller and we were too busy to get photos and post them for sale at 4 weeks like we normally do. Some of these guys were tricking me on their genders too!  I'm glad I waited an extra week because the sex fairy visited and we have more bucks than I had originally thought lol.  Regardless, this litter is stunning and I wish I could keep a buck and a doe from them but we are at full capacity right now.



Berlin and Jaxx Litter turning 5 weeks old now

We were a little slow to post these guys for sale because they were a little smaller and we were a little busy doing other things this month. They are all sexed now and posted on the for sale page.  The only bunny in this litter that is staying with us is Hershey, the chocolate VM.  I would love to keep Miles too but I just don't have the space unfortunately.  We are going to be moving a few senior does out over the next few months.



A couple of updates...

Our only Holland Lop doe, Maxie had her litter today.  She didn't do so well unfortunately.  She is staying with a friend and our friend wasn't home.  Maxie had her babies on the wire and lost three of the four babies.  One tiny runt survived and was given to a foster mom. We don't know if that baby will survive but Maxie will be rebred in a few days. She is very hard to breed so we don't know what will happen.

Video below is of the runt in Berlin's litter.  This little guy may be small but he sure is the cutest in the bunch! He is so friendly and likes to crawl into my hands every time I open the hutch door.  Just look at him go here. He loves his milk!


We have had a very busy week!

This past week has been pretty busy. We did a little grooming, harvested a few coats, updated litter pictures and received a couple of new additions to our Rabbitry.

Chocolate is our home grown self chocolate buck.  We gave him his first hair cut ever and took a few pics.

Abby, Foxxy, and Geneva all were groomed and had their pictures taken.

London's litter turned 4 weeks old.

Berlin and Harley Quinn's litters turned 2 weeks old.

Chicago and Jersey Girl arrived here from their transport trip. They came from Ice and Coal in New Jersey. Grandkids are sitting with them as soon as we got home and we snapped a quick pic.



New arrivals are on their way here!

Meet Jersey Girl and Chi-town.  They are stunning broken black EA coming from New Jersey's Ice and Coal Farms. We are excited to pick them up early this coming week and make them part of our awesome rabbitry.


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