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August 2020


Squirrels litter is 3 days old here and starting to show colors


Pleasant Surprise!

A month ago we tried breeding Squirrel to Louis and he was we thought! She was very receptive of him but he was just not showing interest.  We figured he was just inexperienced so we would give him some time.  Each time we retried breeding, Squirrel wanting nothing to do with him!  Apparently, when we weren't looking, he got her that first day.  She had started to get fat the last week so we put a next box in her hutch just in case.  Late last night, she had six beautiful chinchilla kits of different varieties.  We will update as they grow. We are thrilled to have these and expect Louis' first litter to be over the top on quality...just like him!



Pandora and Safari's litter just turned 8 days old!



Berlin and Coconut's litter are almost a week old!



Updated photos of all the kits here!

Dejah and Coconut's opal kits are four weeks old now!


Berlin had her first litter today and did great! She had 7 kits, sired by Coconut.


Pandora had a nice litter of harlequins born on the 19th. Safari is dad again :)



Someone got a good blow out today!


This is Country Bumpkin Bunnies Belgium Chocolate. He is a chocolate self, non vienna English Angora buck.  He is only 3 1/2 months old in the photo.  He was blown out today with a few others and we thought we would snap a pic of him.  He is growing in a very nice coat and we hope to let him continue as long as it doesn't seem to bother him in the summer heat.  


Hubby making friends with the 2 week old kits!

I brought the litter box up for my husband to see the cuties just as he was going to bed.  He has them loving him.  It only got crazy after this video.  He had them jumping out and crawling on him after about an hour of playing with them! There are three opal kits from Dejah's litter in the nest box as well as a squirrel and an ermine kit from Squirrel's litter.  Sorry the lighting isn't the greatest but it was funny watching them at the age they are usually a little timid...doing the opposite!

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