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October 2018


Lovey Dovey and Blu welcome a new litter at CBB!

Lovey Dovey "Dove" had her first litter on 10-15-18. She has a cute and colorful litter.  As far as we can tell, she has two blues, two lilacs and four brokens.  Right now all eight are doing good.



As of  10/13/18, these are all the bunnies ready for new homes!

Ahnika has three blue tort bucks, two REW bucks and one REW doe available. Go to the Bunnies for Sale pages to see more pictures.  The two blue tort bucks out of Pumpkin Pie and Boomer are Bubbles and Sky.  Also available from this same litter is a REW buck named Coconut.  Paris and Boomer have a REW buck named Vanilla and a REW doe named Sugar who are still available.  Mocha Lady and Blu have one baby left, a blue tort buck named Flipper.  Flipper is not related to the other two litters.  he has a vienna mark on his nose and blue eyes!
Check out the bunny video under the photo!



Snuggle Bunny finally had a baby!

Snuggle was bred by Boomer in hopes of some BEWs since Boomer carries strong for BEW.  This was our third attempt for a litter from Snuggle.  She finally took and she had one kit!  This baby was born on 10-12-18.  We are not sure of the sex or color.  The kit doesn't appear to be white though.  So, we wait!



London's baby girl, "Blessed" is 5 weeks old!

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- Rosie Bescoby, animal behaviourist

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