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April 2018


Sugar Baby has 6 kits ready to go to their new homes!

So we have now ready to go, 5 does and 1 buck from Sugar Baby (black tort) and Fonzi (fawn) litter.  They are torts and fawns and so sweet!  We have them clipped down in a summer lion clip so they can stay cool and less tangles!  Inquire for more info!  $85 for the bunnies and they will come  with full pedigrees!


Honey Bunnies kits are 10 days old now


There are still three growing babies and they are all very different in appearance.  We of course do not know if they are girls or boys yet and still can't even be sure of their colors just yet. They are so cute and their eyes are looking like they are trying to open.  Stay tuned for more on these three!



Lancelot is awesome!


This little tri colored buck comes from gorgeous parents.  Daddy is a broken black tort and momma is a harlequin.  We have decided to keep Lancelot as he comes from beautiful parents and will be a great asset to our program.  Watch as he grows into a handsome little fellow!  This boy is beautiful and very sweet!


UPDATE!!!!  We have decided that we ARE going to keep Lancelot.  We will just keep him separated from Nadia (his mommy).  He is too pretty and sweet to let him go when he will be a great asset to our Harli and Tri program!


Pandora's Litter

Pandora, our fawn doe has babies right now.  They are sired by a broken black tort buck named Lance who we do not own.  Kits were born March 8, 2018 and will be ready for new homes on May 3, 2018 if all goes as planned.  There are currently 4 kits available to reserve at this time.  Both tri's are reserved.  The two white kits are both does.  One is either a pearl or an ermine and the other is not known just yet.  Color is very difficult for us to figure out so bare with me please!  The darkest kit is a black tort buck.   Then the solid fawn is a buck.  I will update as I get the colors all figured out!


From the far left, my temporary names for ID are Tinkerbell, Windy, Peter Pan, Snow White, Hook, Michael


Shelving is working so far!

So far the shelving seems to be working with my new baby bunnies.  The weather is so cold at night that I don't trust the babies to stay warm enough.  So I put them with mommy rabbit about three times over a 24 hour period all spread out.  Honey Bunny didn't seem to want to nurse them that often so we only notice that she feeds them twice a day but it's working! You can tell they are nursing well because they have fat tummies!

​I also have new news to add!  I acquired more English Angoras yesterday!  Some came with babies!  Look for Pandora's babies and Nadia's baby buc


oh  no!!!!!!!

I have lost more bunnies :(  this is so upsetting!  

​What I have learned so far:  Check on the bunnies more than a few times a day.  I have learned what shelving means with bunnies.  When it is really cold outside, don't leave the babies out.  So now I am bringing the nest box in to keep them warm and just giving them back to momma a few times a day for feeding.  I will do this at least until the temperatures rise enough for the bunnies to keep warm enough and I am going to start designing my temperature controlled bunny barn real soon!  I don't want any more bunnies to die.  That is what I learned about bunnies in the last 24 hours. Here is a picture of the last 3 bunnies I have that have survived . I'm really hoping these babies stay strong! Bye.



1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...hey where is 7 and 8!


ust lost 2 of my kits today! One of them was the runt of the litter and the second kit that did not make it had hair wrapped around it's neck too tight. I found it too late. I guess I had to learn the hard way to keep checking on them. Here is a picture of the bunnies today. IF they survive, there are now 6 bunnies. Hope you enjoy the picture! I will keep updating as I am learning.  I will post bunny things later, BYE!                                                                        


new babies 04-05-18!!!

Today I had my first litter of English Angora bunnies born!  I didn't know Honey Bunny was pregnant until yesterday when I noticed her pulling hair from her chest and making a nest.  I put a nest box in her cage and gave her new hay to get her set up and this afternoon we found a nice nest she had completed with fur and 8 sweet lively new kits!  I am soooooo excited!


Bunny news!

You will find current news on my blog right here! Don't miss out on any new baby info!

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Bunny news! You will find current news on my blog right here! Don't miss out on any new baby info!

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